Do you look at what is happening in your life and ask the question: Is there more to life than what I am experiencing? Many are struggling looking for answers. They are looking for a sense of purpose, a deeper meaning for their lives. We at Family Life Church can identify. We have been there and asked some of those same questions. But here at Family Life Church we are building personal, fulfilling, exciting relationships with each other and with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  

We believe it is important to maintain the basics of the faith. Our Lord Jesus helps us to find balance and live life to its fullest. The Word and empowering Holy Spirit help us find the answers for living in these challenging and troubled times. Jesus' truths are so simple yet so profound, but guaranteed to change your life!  

You are welcome at Family Life Church, no strings attached. COME AS YOU ARE!  

Family Life Mission Statement:

Our mission is to spread the gospel in our communities and the world, also nurture and teach those who have received jesus so they will grow in spiritual maturity.